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The Ministry of Science and Technology

 The Ministry Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China(MOST)is a central government agency under the state Council and it is responsible for the nation's science and technology activities.Its main responsibilities are as follows.
 To do research in and put up forward macro strategies of science and technology development and tactics,policies, and regulations on science and technology for the development of economy and society;to do research in major issues of science and technology for the deve10pmt of economy and society;to research and determine the major layout and priority areas of science and technology development; to promote the establishment of national innovation system for science and technology,to upgrade the national capacity of innovation.
 To organize the formulation of long term plans and annual plans for the development of science and technology;
 To do research in and put up forward the tactics,policies and measures of system reform of science and technology;to promote the establishment of science and technology innovation mechanism which are in conformity with the socialist market economy and inherent laws of science and technology development;to direct the reform of science and technology of government departments and local governments.
 To do research in and put up forward measures increase input into science and technology through more channels;to optimize the deployment of science and technology resources;to be responsible for the budget and final account of spending like expenditure on science and technology affairs,"three-item expenditure"on science and technology and the expenditure on foreign affairs on science and technology.
 To do research in and formulate policies and measures to strengthen fundamental research,high and new technology development;responsible for the formulation and organizing the implementation of the Key Fundamental Research Programmes,High-tech R and D Programmes, Key Scientific and Technological Projects Programmes,Science and Technology Innovation Engineering and Programme of Science and Technology for Social Development.
 To reinforce industrialization and application and the dissemination of high and new technology;to guide the transfer of scientific and technological achievements;to manage the affairs on national high and new technology key new products;to be responsible for the compiling of the guide books of the Torch Programme, Spark Programme,Achievement Dissemination Programme and direct the implementation of the above mentioned programmes;to administer the national high and new technology zones;to promote the export of high and new technology and the formulation of relevant policies.
 To participate in the composing of the construction planning for scientific and technological bases like major national scientific engineering ; to compile and implement the programme of science bases like State Key Laboratory.
 To do research in the reasonable deployment of S and T Staff,to put up forward relevant policies that with which the initiatives of S and T staff can be fully exploited and the favorable conditions be created for the development of S and T Staff.
 To do research in and put up forward the strategies and policies on internatinal science and technology cooperation and exchange;to be responsible for bilateral as well as multilateral science and technology cooperation and exchange and those with relevant international organizations; to direct the work of overseas science and technology agencies;to be responsible for the screening, assignment and management of science and technology attaches of overseas embassies and consulates;managing the scientific and technological aid programmes from foreign government and external scientific and technological aid programmes of China;to be responsible for the science and technological cooperation and exchange with Hong Kong SAR,Macao,and Taiwan.
 To do research in and put up forward the suggestions on formulating S and T laws and regulations;to centralize the management of national S and T achievements. S and T Awards,and S and T secrets,technology market and intellectual property rights protection related to S and T;to formulate the planning for S and T popularization; to implement policy guide;to promote S and T popularization;to enhance the development of S and T bridge organizations like S and T consultancy,bidding,and evaluation in society,to promote the establishment of S and T service system.

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