Comments on US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's Xinjiang-Related Statement by Spokesperson of the People's Government of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of China

We have noticed United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo issued a so-called statement on Nov 5 titled "Harassment of the Family Members of Uighur Activists and Survivors in Xinjiang, China". Under the guise of religion and human rights, Pompeo has repeatedly smeared Xinjiang, made erroneous remarks that are groundless and far from facts, which we are extremely indignant about and strongly opposed to. Pompeo’s words and deeds in disregard of the facts make people across the world see clearly his double standard and hypocrisy.


Pompeo claimed family members of the so-called activists Furkhat Jawdat, Alapat Arkin, Zumrat Dawut have been subject to harassment, imprisonment and arbitrary detention. This is simply not the case. The fact is that the relatives of the names mentioned live and work normally in Xinjiang, and they are ashamed of the scum among their families.


Both Furkhat Jawdat and Alapat Arkin are members of the infamous violent terrorist and separatist organization "World Uygur Congress". They have no credibility at all, live by splitting the country, and fabricate lies to beg for sympathy from anti-China forces for their personal gain. After meeting with Pompeo on Mar 26, 2019, Furkhat Jawdat claimed his mother was moved to a prison from a vocational education & training center. But the fact is his mother has been living a normal life at her home and in contact with him from time to time. Alapat Arkin alleged that his mother was put into a “concentration camp” at the end of 2017 and his father "was arrested and sentenced in March 2018", whereas the reality is that his father was sentenced according to law on charges of his involvement in terrorist activities. His mother, younger brother and younger sister all live a normal life. They have never been detained. Not only that, Alapat Arkin's mother admonished him many times: Your father has been punished by the law for the harmful things he did to the society, and he is very regretful. You should stop telling lies and leave "World Uygur Congress" as soon as possible.


Pompeo once claimed that Zumrat Dawut was sent to a vocational education & training center by force, and a tubal ligation was performed on her by force. Abduhelil Dawut, Zumrat Dawut's elder brother, took the initiative to speak on a video as early as a month ago to quash these rumors, telling the public "these are outright lies". In the video, he asked Pompeo "to respect the facts and do not make use of my sister Zumrat Dawut to make up lies, and stop disturbing our peaceful life". This time, Pompeo alleged that Zumrat Dawut's "elderly father, who was reportedly detained and interrogated multiple times by Chinese authorities in Xinjiang in recent years, recently passed away under unknown circumstances". Actually, Zumrat Dawut's father lived a normal life with his children, and he had never been either "interrogated" or "detained". After being plagued by serious heart diseases, he died at the age of 80 in a hospital in Oct 2019 after medical treatment was exhausted. Throughout his hospitalization, his relatives had been looking after him at the hospital all the time.


Facts speak louder than words. We strongly urge Pompeo to cast off tinted spectacles, cut out the hypocrisy, quit backing the “East Turkistan” violent terrorist and separatist forces, and immediately stop smearing and attacking Xinjiang with rumors.