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China, Poland establish strategic partnership

BEIJING, Dec. 20 (Xinhua) -- Chinese President Hu Jintao and visiting President of Poland Bronislaw Komorowski on Tuesday signed a joint statement extending bilateral relations to a level of strategic partnership.

Both China and Poland believed that expanding and deepening Sino-Poland relations was in line with the two countries' common wills and fundamental interests, and the move will contribute to maintaining global peace and development and promoting harmony among each state, according to the statement.

The two countries will respect and support each side's development route as well as interior and exterior policies based on domestic conditions. They will also take into account their own core interests and cherish efforts to maintain state sovereignty and territorial integrity, the statement said.

The two sides expressed the desire to keep and strengthen frequent contact between each side's leaders through bilateral visits or multilateral occasions.

China and Poland decided to build up a strategic dialogue mechanism among vice foreign ministers to deeply exchange views on international and regional affairs of common concern and beef up the cooperation of each side's Foreign Ministry, the statement said.

China and Poland will also boost and fulfill the dialogue and cooperation among legislative bodies, parties, and governments of different levels in order to share experience in the development of governing, economics, society and culture.

They will jointly support cooperation among enterprises from each side while promoting the extension of the trading scale and mutual investment.

China expects to expand imports from Poland and encourages Chinese enterprises to take part in Polish infrastructure construction and the country's privatization transformation, while the Polish side vows to provide support and convenience for Chinese enterprises stepping into both the Polish and European markets.

In the statement, China said it supports the integration process of the European countries and backs efforts made by the European Union to maintain the stability of the financial market and spur healthy, sustainable economic development.

China thinks positively of the role Poland has played in the EU and its handling of international affairs, and the country appreciates Poland's efforts in boosting China-Poland relations during its rotating presidency over the EU.

The Poland side hopes the EU will acknowledge China's market economy status soon and it will make attempts to persuade the EU to remove the military sales ban to China, according to the statement.

Poland also supports the integration process of East Asia and the endeavors of China and other countries to push forward regional peace, stability and development.

Under the premise of respecting the UN's authority and role, both China and Poland tend to support reasonable and necessary reforms of the UN Security Council so as to let more small and medium-sized countries play greater roles.

The two sides support further reforms of the international financial system and oppose trade protectionism, and they are willing to continue to maintain consultation and coordination on global issues, including anti-terrorism, climate change and energy safety.

Moreover, the two countries agreed to deepen cooperation in various fields, including higher education, sciences, agriculture and tourism.

At the invitation of Chinese President Hu Jintao, Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski began a state visit to China on Dec. 18.

China and Poland have greatly appreciated their traditional friendship since establishing diplomatic relations 62 years ago.

In 2004, they built friendly cooperative partnerships. After that, China and Poland steadily extended the cooperation in politics, economy, humanity, and global affairs and have made fruitful achievements, the statement said

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